Membership Meeting on 26 April 2017

The Annual General Membership Meeting of the NATO Tri-Border Sailing Club will be held on 26 April, 18:00h, at the International Conference Center in Brunssum.


For up-to-date information on upcoming events and status of boats etc. please apply for a group membership at


Please remember to pay your membership fees in order to receive your membership card.


NATO Tri-Border Sailing Club Open House

Where: Roermond, Hatenboer Marina
When: to be announced


Next Maintenance

Where: NIC, Brunssum
to be announced


NATO Tri-Border Sailing Club Training/Screening Weekend

Where: Roermond, Hatenboer Marina
When: to be announced
If you are new to sailing, visit some interesting free content on
After your free registration try the free interactive sailing instructor to practice sail trim and the free lesson regarding right of way (collision avoidance rules).
After you pass the test, you can even download a nice certificate.
Also recommended: The sail trim course (not only for beginners!)